Chris Tieman

Web Developer

Hey There

Chris Tieman here, and thanks for visiting my site. I’m a 26 year old Developer, Designer, and Programmer located in the heart of Fishers, Indiana.

Since I was little, I’ve always liked to tinker with things. I’d take them apart, see how they worked, and put them back together again. So when I discovered code, it was love at first keystroke. I’d found a profession dedicated to reducing a final product into it’s most basic form before building it back up again, and I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Everything about the web fits my personality and my passion. It’s constantly changing. It never stops evolving. Each day I boot up my computer, there is something new to learn, and I know that when I head into work there is a fresh puzzle on my monitor, waiting for me to solve it.

Even if the project in front of me doesn’t offer the challenges that I crave, it’s not a problem. I know that after I power through a less interesting assignment, a better one exists later in the queue or on my system at home. I can practice my trade anywhere I want and spend my free time devising obstacles difficult enough to keep pushing my talents further and further.

I’ve made apps, websites, and many other fun web tools. Creating things that both intrigue me and bring joy to others has been an increasingly worthwhile pursuit as my skills have grown.

I’ve even taken a stab at setting up some design shops, you can find some examples in my Etsy and RedBubble!

I never want to stop learning, and, in a field like this, I don’t think I ever will.